New Product - Reusable, sustainable, Napkins on a roll

08 Nov 2013

Mydrap Napkins on a roll

These days everybody is far more aware of the impact we all have on the planet and all the people who live upon it. Reusing and recycling has been at the top of the agenda for a good few years now however the current financial climate often means people are forced to compromise their principles in order to protect their bank balance. At Wallis Events we don’t think this should be the case so for 2014 we will be making a shift towards sustainable products and practices wherever possible whilst offering the best value cost effective pricing that we can. The first step towards this is a new product which we think you are going to love - Cotton Napkins on a roll!

The Mydrap napkins are a high quality product with a luxurious feel. They offer a far better feel than paper napkins and a far better price than the traditional linen equivalents. The napkins come in 4 sizes and more than 20 colours and patterns, they are made from 100% cotton and come on rolls of either 12 or 25 which are perforated and can be torn off as required. MYdrap napkins can be used a single time and recycled or can be washed and reused at least six times.

These napkins are a perfect product for those Christmas parties with 'a few extra people' and then family gatherings and parties all year round. As a special trial price this Christmas we will be selling a roll of 12 napkins in any of the available colours for £12.00 including VAT. So contact us now for more details.

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