Terms and Conditions of Hire
1.     THE CONTRACT - The Company, Wallis Events Ltd., will submit a written quotation which the Hirer shall accept in writing.  The absence of such written quotation or acceptance shall not invalidate the Contract.  All parties shall be subject to these terms and conditions and the Client, by authorising or allowing work to proceed or goods to be delivered, is deemed to have accepted the Contract and the terms and conditions of hire.
2.     PERIOD OF HIRE - The period of hire is understood to mean the period for which the tentage or equipment is required and includes the time for both erecting/delivering and dismantling/collecting.  A standard hire period shall consist of three days, this may be extended by negotiation and extra charges may apply.
3.     OWNERSHIP – All goods provided remain the property of Wallis Events or their suppliers.
4.      CONDITIONS OF SITE - The Company’s quotation for hire charges is made on the assumption that the site on which the tents or equipment are to be erected or delivered is:
(a)    Surface – The site should consist of flat, level, firm ground free of obstructions and suitable for ground penetrating anchors.  If this is not the case the Client must inform the Company on asking for a quotation to allow a site assessment to take place.
(b)    Permission – The Client must obtain permission from the Landowner for the installation and use of a marquee or equipment and is responsible for obtaining any relevant licences or permits.  Permission must also be obtained by the client for the use of ground penetrating anchors.
(c)    Underground services - Has no drain pipes, cables or other service buried beneath the surface or otherwise concealed.  All pipes, cables etc. in the area should be notified to the Company in advance.  If the Client is unsure of the location of underground services the company may undertake an underground survey of the area for which a charge of £20 (ex VAT) shall be made.   If an underground survey is required a minimum of one weeks’ notice prior to the erection date must be given.  If such notice has not been given additional transport charges may apply.
(d)    Over ground Services – The client shall inform the company of any overhead cables on the site which the marquee is to be placed and in the direct vicinity of the build.  Minimum distance from power lines regulations apply as set out by the MUTAmarq safe use and operation of temporary demountable fabric structures.
(e)    Position of structure - Prior to the date of erection the Client must inform the Company of the position of the structures or equipment.  The Client, or their representative, must be present at site upon arrival of the Company. If this is not possible a site meeting prior to erection will be required to finalise arrangements, the Company may charge travel expenses for this visit. If the above has not taken place and clear instructions have not been given the Company will erect the marquees, or place equipment, where they think fit and shall be deemed to have performed the contract.  Should the company then be asked to move the marquee they may make a charge for this.
(f)     Access to site – The site should have direct access for heavy work vehicles.  If such access is not possible the Client must inform the Company beforehand to allow a site assessment to take place.
The above clauses apply in all cases unless otherwise agreed in writing by Wallis Events Ltd
If the site does not comply with the above requirements and no agreement has been reached  the Company may, at its discretion, either rescind the Contract by giving oral or written notice to the Client or their representative, or make additional hire charges.  The Company shall not be liable to the Client for any loss, damage or expense resulting from such rescission of the Contract, or because of adverse ground conditions.  The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to overhead or underground services of which they have not been made aware by the client or that have not been laid or installed to regulatory standards.
5.      HIRE CHARGES - All goods hired and supplied are charged whether used or not.  Goods collected by customers may incur extra charges if not returned on the day arranged.  The hire charges published in  any of the Company’s printed matter, website, or social media, are for guidance of the Client in estimating costs only and do not constitute an offer.
6.     VARIATION OF THE HIRE CHARGES - The company reserves the right to vary the quoted hire charges in the event of any increase taking place out of their control before or during the period of hire in the cost of labour, materials or transport.
7.     PAYMENT - Payment must be made as stated in the Company’s Quotation.  The Company reserves the right:
(a) To charge a deposit and other payments to cover part or whole of the value of the property and equipment hired
(b)  No receipt will be recognised unless given on the Company’s own official receipt form.
Full payment is due as specified in the Companies quotation.  For orders where payment is due after the Clients event the balance will be due, in full, on the date of invoice and should be received:
(a)   Private Clients – within 14 days of invoice date.
(b)   Business Account Clients – Within 30 days of invoice date.
Should settlement not be received by the dates above the company reserves the right to charge interest on the outstanding balance at the rate of 4 per cent in excess of the current bank rate, such interest to accrue from the due date. In the event of default of payment the Company will take all necessary steps to recover the amount owed.  The client will be responsible for all costs incurred in this process including legal fees and any interest accrued.
8.     LOSS OR DAMAGE - The Client is wholly responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment whilst in their control; this is defined as when the client takes possession until return to Wallis Events.  If items which are not returned or are returned damaged the client will be charged at full replacement value including a restocking charge.  This charge will be credited should the items then be returned.
9.     CLEANING – Dishwashing and cleaning of items is inclusive of the hire charge unless otherwise specified.  If an item is exceptionally soiled and requires specialist cleaning a charge may be made.  In these cases photographs will be taken of the item and the Client shall be informed.
10.      CLIENTS PROPERTY – The Company will take all necessary steps to reduce the risk of damage to Client’s property during construction/delivery and removal and will carry out all tasks with due care and attention.  The company asks that Clients remove any movable items and those of high value from the immediate facility in order to reduce the risk of accidental damage.  If Wallis Events Ltd has to remove Clients property in order to install marquees or other items the company accepts no responsibility for any accidental damage which may result. The Company cannot accept responsibility for the safety of the Clients’, or third parties, own equipment stored or housed in their marquees.
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